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Prepare your transaction with ALAIN K IMMOBILIER

The mandate of sale allows the real estate agent to be able to start the marketing and research for a potential buyer.

Types of mandates

The simple mandate

Mandate of sale that allows several real estate agents to take care of the sale of the same property, including the seller can sell his property by himself and in parallel. However, the results prove that this apparent flexibility has perverse effects : Several interlocutors, pauperization of the good, a good too diffused loses its credibility, etc .... According to the Chamber of Notaries, 40% of sales agreements made from individual to individual do not convert into actual sale.

The exclusive mandate

On the other hand, the exclusive mandate allows: To have a minimum of interlocutors on the good Promotion and optimal valuation: billboard for sale, pole position on Housing (or other broadcaster), prospectus in the surrounding area, targeting buyers, and especially defend the selling price.

"The exclusive mandate should also be called PROFESSIONAL MANDATE because it is a pledge of trust between the real estate agent and the seller and guarantee of success"